Happy singing and playing the flute
In a playful way we learn the basics of music theory, play simple songs and sing happy songs. We support the child's relationship to music and develop the language skills at the same time.

Art-creative group
We paint, draw and create for fun. Children learn to use various techniques and materials and develop their creativity and imagination.



Monday 16.30—17.30
Music and movement group


Tuesday 16.30—17.30
Happy signing and playing flute


Wednesday 16.30—17.30

Art-creative group


Thursday 16:30-17:30

Languages - English


Friday AM

 sport - swimming class, in the winter season sport activities in the nearby sport center







We practice for health. The aim of the lessons is to run, unwind and stretch the muscles, team up with other children and play with their creativity and imagination.

Language is an important tool for communication and getting to know foreign languages ​​from an early age lays the foundation for intercultural coexistence competence.




Music and movement group
We play the rhythmic instrument, learn a couple of playful songs and rhymes and we dance. Music and movement activities help to develop a feel for the rhythm, melody and movement coordination.

The dramatic group
We are entering into the realm of fantasy and imagination, we read fairy tales and rhymes, play simple musical and dramatic scenes.






Mateřská škola

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